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Ade Adepitan is a 38-year-old Paralympics sports star from Nigeria, in Africa.

When Ade was a baby he got a virus called polio, which meant walking was difficult as he became paralysed so couldn’t use his legs.

Ade moved to England when he was three years old.

Despite his disability, Ade spent a lot of his childhood playing football with his friends and dreamt of one day playing for England.

He started playing wheelchair basketball when he was 13-years-old after he was spotted being pushed along the street in a Tesco’s shopping trolley.

Ade loves moving around in a trolley because it was the only way he could keep up with his friends.

He really enjoys playing wheelchair basketball: “it makes me feel good and when I’m playing nothing else matters other than being the best player that I can possibly be.”

What are the Paralympics? And what’s it like to play in them?

Ade has played in a number of Paralympic games.

The Paralympics are a sporting competition for disabled people.

“The atmosphere is incredible. In fact the whole competition feels like a dream that you hope will never end.”

The Sydney Paralympics in 2000 was the first international competition in which he played wheelchair basketball.

He said it “will always have a special place in my heart, just thinking about it makes me smile. Pushing into the Olympic stadium and hearing 110,000 fans cheering was amazing!”

In 2004 Ade won his first medal, a bronze award at the Paralympics in Athens, which was something he had always dreamt of.

But what does Ade have to say about living with a disability?

Ade has lived with a disability all of his life.

He said it can be difficult, “but life is not always easy, and it’s the tough times and what you learn from them that can make you successful.”

Ade has always enjoyed challenging himself to be better and likes the competition in sport.

“The most important thing to remember is to find something you love doing that your passionate about, believe in yourself, work hard, and your disability will not hold you back.”

As well as playing for the Paralympics, Ade has also presented a large number of television programmes including: XCHANGE and Sportsround, which are unfortunately no longer on TV.

Ade said he decided to go into TV presenting because he “wanted to have a career after sport and like sport it provides exciting challenges.”

If you know someone with a disability it is sometimes difficult to know how to react or what to say to them.

Ade believes you should follow the rule ‘treat people how you want to be treated’.

“If there is something you don’t understand, ask. Don’t make assumptions.”

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Ade Adepitan - Photograph taken by Kelly Hill