There are lots of charities who help children with disabilities, including: Whizz-Kidz, Action For Kids and many others.

The KIDS charity helps make the lives of disabled children better.

They organise fun events, play games and teach them about their right to be treated well in the community.

Louisa Jennings, works for the charity and said: “I decided to work for KIDS as the inclusion of children and young disabled people is as important to me as it is the charity.”

Louisa enjoyed working on a family fun day event that she helped to organise last year.

They played games and gave out prizes.

She said the event gave “children and young disabled people and their families a rare chance to come together.”

The charity encourage disabled children to realise they can achieve their hopes and dreams just like everyone else.

The KIDS charity also helps the families of disabled children.

Children with disabilities often need a lot of care and attention which can be difficult for their mums, dads, brothers and sisters.

The charity helps by talking to the families of disabled children and telling them about advice groups they can join.

They also run fun activities for the brothers and sisters of disabled children to do together.

For more information on the KIDS charity, please visit their website by clicking here.